The Reckless Endemic

WWII produced its great sadness, from which and perhaps through which the hope of a return to gladness emerged.

Europe went for unity. Political, real and economic.

Defeated Asian powers went for export. Put that way because North American victors were by no means over with war’s coded ‘shock and awe’*. Japan’s car and trucking industries for example were to emerge big time from provisioning US troop tracks in Korea etc.

* Donald Rumsfeld was called a poet for this anaesthetizing replacement . We can guess how war and warmongering, though exactly what took place upon Iraq, would be politically inappropriate.

With export went Japan’s economic growth, the promise and reality of wealth and repaid domestic rebuild. Then some. Being their own amazing corporate industrial models. Engineering innovations for refined export in many things more than mechanical. Super gladness we might say.

Alongside China, and others, with their masses and much cheaper labor. Endeavored to and for plain and multitudinous gladness.


Export then had by the 1960s in Europe become buzz-word number one. I can recall Brit executives and business confederations detailing prospects both via and post-europeanization as they instilled globalization code in boardrooms and investor communities.

The USA deemed significant drivers back then, for what they had attained in Asia was attainable everywhere! Besides, wouldn’t it be more so with actual commercial entities, capital and property on the ground. Not Imperial and conflagrated if not dead and buried under ground.

For business export-led was life. And, simplifying, the big deal about life is growth. Note: emphasis IS, not was or other past senses. IS constitutes the active dynamic of now. And, corporately, now is for profit. From growth. Quarterly of course.

Point of this intro: just about all business for the past sixty years has arisen on a FOR GAIN modus operandi. Human thinking of and from this whole era, and worldwide, hath been so imbued with gain-ful employment and distractions( early English-industrial era usage for today’s meaning of enjoyment/entertainment ) that its present generations are unable/unwilling recognise equal and opposite forces of the physicists factual world also play out metaphor roles.

Which is to say how hitherto removed or deliberately eliminated obstacles and costs – like the annulling ‘externalities’ so as to drive and derive greater gain – do not go away. But remain. Likely in a scientific sense, cumulatively, gaining correlational attributes and problematics of their own. One such mechanism being intergenerational ignorance.

Bottomlining: in common and highway motorists’ language—driving brakeless is the stop no one wants.

In a short series over the next wee while I shall go past the further distraction Levine’s “counterfactual” contemplations attempted among the influential and their easily distractable dependants. And source several hard physical realities whose hitherto hidden presences have begun to surface.

In doing so, the opportunities arising from problem-solving will not be overlooked. One reason being that I find it repugnant how educated generations who also inherited the greatest extent of communications known to mankind are almost wholly mindless and disabled to make real net opportunity from present disasters. For another, knowledge enables management of great risks to mankind.

Which, otherwise, will be prove endemic.


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