A word or two about this blog’s tagline. The words are adapted from George Orwell’s famous – We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm – WWII meme.

War makes for rough times, events. Peace OTOH makes for tough times, events. Like global recession, freedom from oppression among starving multitudes etc.

Sustained safety, however, is a justifiable cry from both those at war and those indulging themselves with peace.

And something else: for whom a slight glimmer of respect for former President Nixon remains in my mind. A “battle” he said life was, speaking of his contention in both active presidential terms and later loss of official and personal status following the Watergate revelations.

Life then a battle for battlers.. in war and peace.

Since the 70s, however, we seem to have left such language and its individuals behind. Emphasis seem. The corporate world after all can only conceal individual endeavor. Or so it tells itself.

In reality experience tells of no such thing, hence that glimmer for Nixon. Who was not the last of the great elected official individual’s line. And whose redeeming feature was a final admission of an honest office-holder’s inability to sustain denial of misdeeds.

Unlike his contemporaries who see their own denial as flagbearing for the future. In full denial of the risks their reckless behavior is bringing to nations of the world. And their very own peoples.

So.. time for experience and facing facts… Up the battlers!


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